Traditional ways of advertising become less and less popular. Internet users are tired of pop up banners and other forms of aggressive marketing. What they love the most is respect and entertainment – they want to learn and have fun at the same time, and that’s what can convince them to make a purchase. Storytelling is the opposite of advertisements and it does not get lost in the blur. Here’s why you should take a closer look at it.

Create a character

It doesn’t really matter what you sell or what solutions you offer – literally everything presented by a friendly character will make your product much more interesting to the customer! You’ve got to think vivid though. Characters have to seem real, so the reader can identify with them.  Ask yourself a few questions about  your business. What kind of character will fit into it? With what personality? What looks? What sex, what age, what hair color? Be creative but remember about your audience. It doesn’t have to only fit to the product, but also to your potential clients! Be creative and smart. And always remember about your readers and their needs.

Create a long-term strategy

If you already have a character, then you need to think of a good story to share with your customers. One of the most common mistakes is creating short scenarios and implying them right off the bat. That’s wrong! Keep in mind that storytelling is a long-term strategy and you have to think and plan forward. It’s not easy but it gives you tons of opportunities. For example, you can extend the number of characters. In fact, you can add as many characters as you want, just remember to keep it well organized.

Make your product live!

Storytelling is about bringing the product to life, to make it much easier for the customer to understand it’s philosophy. Yes, philosophy! What do we mean? Business owners tend to forget what their product is all about. They focus on the construction and size, and never mention its everyday use! Think of your actions as if you were a customer, not a business owner. If you sell motorbikes, do not focus on how much do they weight or cost. Explain their advantages and possibilities. Add personal testimonials and other forms of comments from your previous customers. Make your advertisers even more powerful and explain the benefits in a personal way!

Make your customer smarter!

If prepared well, storytelling can educate the audience and successfully tie it to the product. You need to explain a problem in a wide way, to make your reader look at the bigger picture and think out of the box. Create smart concepts and share them. Let your customers benefit from your knowledge and experience. Delivering them reliable information will make them want to come back to your website for more.

Contact your customers directly

The decision to stay with your company or to leave it immediately is usually a matter of seconds. It doesn’t take long to decide, so you need to be really precise and efficient. In order to do that, sometimes you need to create specific content to specific group of receivers. A “one-size-fits-all” rule doesn’t always work, especially if getting familiar with your product requires good technological background and knowledge. A targeted approach might be more effective. When you know that your readers are well informed about your offer, speak directly to them. Use slang and inside jokes, but be sure that you speak to people from the same industry to  be understood!

Add case studies

Case studies resonate with customers and encourage your employees. It doesn’t matter if you plan to create them yourself or hire a professional copywriter – they are always a great thing to implement. Remember to always describe your client’s business and what you did for him. The most important part is to describe what forms of help did you use and how did they affect your customer. Explain all the challenges your client faces and describe your solutions. Remember to use as many details as possible to prove your quality and competence. If your client was happy with your help, and we bet he was, encourage him to give you a recommendation. All in all you should be proud of your work and share your clients opinions with the others. Include quotes and broadcast your success: post it on your website, social media profiles, share it via e-mail etc.

Get in touch with an agency!

Marketing agencies know how to create, share and promote good content. If you don’t have too much time to do it by yourself (who does, anyway?) then let the professionals do it in your name. It will guarantee you the best possible quality of your marketing actions! Content marketing agencies offer full service, including website positioning, copywriting, real time marketing… And yes, storytelling too! Experienced editors will contact you to make an agreement on all the details. If you want to extend your customers base and make your products much more recognizable, do not hesitate and get in touch with a marketing agency.

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