On Page SEO makes it much easier for Google to find your page and expose it to your potential customers. If you want your business to grow and develop, then you must get familiar with it. We will share some pro tips, so you can learn about the secret of making your blog or website highly targeted.

Why is SEO so important? Mostly because Search engines, such as Google, are nothing but a set of algorithms that you have to fit in. It targets those pages that have certain keywords and on-page settings. If your page doesn’t appear on the first page of the rank, then SEO is what you’re looking for. Simply by following certain methods you can make your website the very first result on Google and other search engines.

One of the biggest factors in On-Page SEO is the title of your blog post. It will determine whether your site will be doing well on search engines or not. Always use targeted keywords and try not to repeat them. „The more the better” rule doesn’t work here, unfortunately. Your title should never extend the limit of 65 characters with spaces.

If you want to make your blog more friendly to the readers, then you should optimize the URL structure as well. Use proper keywords towards the beginning of the URL and don’t forget to avoid symbols and special characters as a part of it. Use regular letters and numbers from 0 to 9, and if you want to separate two strings in URL structure – use dashes. A pretty perma link will always have a good effect on your website!

Heading tags take major part in on page SEO. Tags like h2, h3, etc. Are highlighting all the important points of your posts. You should never repeat them too many times though, because it might be considered as black hat SEO and even blocked by search engines!

How many keywords can you use? That’s a great question and many companies make a mistake by overloading the site with too many keywords. That’s wrong, because Google might consider it as illegal activity too! Keywords should never extend the limit of 1-2 percent of the whole text. The main keywords should be used once in first and ten in the last paragraph apart from regular use in your post. Always underline and bold important phrases and don’t forget to implement meta keywords and meta description with each post. They should base on targeted keywords as well. Meta descriptions should never extend the length of 160 characters (with spaces). User friendly meta descriptions can greatly increase your ClickThrough Rate and improve your sales in general.

Content is also a great way to position your site in search results. Advertisors, images, videos… Their help is significant in terms of creating traffic on your site! What is more important; you should always include targeted keywords in your images. Also, keep in mind that Google loves fast website, so you you DO NOT want to do is to public too big images, that could slow down your blog. Use smaller ones and Google will consider you trustworthy and reliable.

Interlinking your content is also a great tool you can use every day. Relate to other articles of yours and let the reader spend even more time on the site. As always, you shouldn’t overdo it, as it might seem suspicious to Google’s algorithms. When you link out to another posts on your blog, you should always use keywords as anchor text. It will help the page to perform better on search engines.

Link building over your own site is not the only way to improve your on-page SEO ratings. Link out to external websites too! If you link out to a trusted website that will fulfill the information you post on your blog, then the reader will benefit from it, and so will your page itself! Use DOFOLLOW tags to create extra traffic over your website. Remember that owners of the sites you link to might eventually link to yours in return. It’s a win-win situation! If you don’t know if the trust rank of a page is good or not, then use nofollow links.

Don’t forget that nothing works better than a good quality content. Write engaging content with targeted keywords and entertain the audience. Use innovative platforms of communication, search for ideal ways of getting in touch with internet users. Don’t run away from discussions and conflicts. Being a part of the community is a major key to your success. Comment, discuss, share… Even if that’s not in your interest! Being active on your competitor’s field might bring you more benefits than you can even imagine.

If you read this article, then you are probably ready to start your own On-page SEO campaign. Trust us, it is totally worth the effort! But if you still feel not ready to do it on your own, then you should definitely invest in a marketing agency. Agencies like us, Brand.ceo, will always lend you a helpful hand and use your business’ potential to the max. Take a look at the biggest players on the market. They all do SEO! Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us. It’s never too late to optimize your blog or website, and convert your readers into customers. We are waiting for you. Good luck!

Written by Brand.ceo