Content marketing became one of the most effective e-commerce tools, yet many companies find it hard to implement it properly to the overall strategy. If you want to generate more leads and make your business known and respected worldwide, then your very first step should be….

Define and identify your objectives and audience

It does not matter if you sell motorbikes, jeans or B2B apps – you always need a solid, long-term strategy and a good business model. Who is your potential customer? How old is he, what does he like? Where should you search for him? Learn EVERYTHING about your audience and do it by listening to people on social media. Pay attention to your competitors and learn from their customers. Find out what kind of information do your clients need, what do they expect from you. Visit blogs, forums and social media profiles; the more specific information you gather, the easier it will be for you to sell things.

Choose your distribution strategy

If you already know who is your potential client and where can you find him, you should think of the most effective way to distribute the content. Before you start creating it, think about publishing platforms and channels. Is your audience a little bit older and not familiar with new technologies? Consider distributing content over magazines and newspapers. If you sell mobile apps, then websites will fit in your strategy. Trying to sell fashionable clothes? Bloggers are your distributors. A good sense of where your audience is can be the key to your success.

Create content

Decide how often do you want to publish your content and… start creating it! It should be well written, professional and catchy. If you want to convert your visitors into consumers, you need to pay great attention to the content’s quality. It has to be full of useful information but also entertaining. You need to earn the attention of you audience and the best way to do it is to provide interesting content. It is not only about solving a problem but also giving a good laugh. Make sure it is not too long either, as it might bore the reader. Use legible font, many subheads and clear paragraphs. Be entertaining and interesting!

Promote it

Content marketing is not only about good writing skills, but also about specific placement. You want to promote it as much as possible, to bring it to as many internet users as possible. If you do not push it out, then you might end up with zero shares and no interest in it. Your first source of promotion is social media, as it gathers all your potential clients in one place. Facebook, for example, is a natural environment for content marketing and you have to make use of it. However, there are more ways to do it. Google AdWords campaigns allow you to get directly to the client. Email marketing can also improve your results, just make sure you inform your email subscribers. The more promoting platforms you choose the better for you.

Analyze data

Become good friends with Google Analytics as it allows you to measure the results and analyze data. It is crucial to take lessons from previous campaigns and improve them to avoid mistakes. Use other tools to identify your actual clients; it will allow you to be more precise next time. Here are some  of the most important questions you need to answer, if you want to measure the success: How many leads did I generate and what was the conversion rate? What keywords did I use, what keywords didn’t I use? What content is shared and read the most? How many page views do I receive and how to make this number bigger?

Choose a good content marketing agency

All those steps seem to be easy but in fact their require a lot of time, experience and patience. If you feel like you can handle them on your own, then feel no doubts and start your campaign as soon as possible. Nobody understands your needs better than you do, but sometimes you might not have time and energy for it… That is what content marketing agencies are made for – to do things you can not! A good agency will take care of pretty much everything, starting with targeting your audience and creating good content. Agencies hire professional copywriters who know how to write well. Do not hesitate and get in touch with experienced marketers.


The reason most of the content marketing campaigns fail is they are not well planned. When done right, they can have major impact on your business, but it does not really happen that often, as companies tend to be unprepared and uninformed. A good content marketing campaign can greatly increase the number of your clients and make you receive much more visitors per month. All the tips given in this article will save your time on unsuccessful actions. Remember to always follow these steps, and if you cannot do it on your own, then hire an agency. Even though it might cost you a little bit, it will always be worth that money. It is all in your hand – make your business bigger with content marketing!

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