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We live in reality when almost everyone is blogging: business owners, actors, pet lovers, plumbers… Some of those blogs are oriented to be a marketing tool, some not; those who are, very often fail and never acquire their goals. However, well maintained blog can generate tons of leads; what’s more, companies with blogs earn almost …

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A/B Testing A/B testing is a process when you use and then compare two variations of a marketing action. The goal is to determine which one is more efficient and effective. The one that performs better is the one you one you want to use in the future to improve all your e-commerce efforts. A/B …

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content marketing

The traditional world of marketing has been shut off. Why? Internet users became tired of irritating banners and flashy ads. They install ad blocking web plugins avoid any kind of advertising on-line. Potential clients became picky and what if there is anything that can make them purchase anything, then it’s good quality content, useful, trustworthy …

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